Sunday, November 20, 2011

Coupons: its benefits and disadvantages

Maintaining a home is not as easy as it was in years pass. There are more factors that make it difficult for parents
and especially single or stay at home moms to stretch the dollar. The economic recession has also made matters worse because people simply do not have the money after losing jobs, receiving pay cuts or having to work part time jobs. There are families where both parents have been laid off and the stress of the responsibilities seems insurmountable.

In such a case families have to become creative in how they save money and yet still manage to meet all their needs. This is where many mothers become work at home moms. Fortunately, the internet exists to have millions of people network all over the world and share opportunities. Companies are also able to extend money saving offers. This involves sales, vouchers and coupons. There are actually tons of coupons to be found online. A mother who is focused, consistent and knows where to look can accumulate a large amount of coupons. These can be used to significantly reduce the costs on goods and services.

For the mother who is even more comprehensive and strategic in her efforts; she can also gather magazines and newspapers that contain coupons for local stores and supermarkets. One must note that though you can gain a large supply of grocery and free access to services; it does take as much time as a full time job to be really successful at it. If you have watched shows like extreme couponing on the television you will see how these women do it. They dumpster dive, go to local recycling units and search through every news paper there is. These are things you have to be willing to do as well. The pay offs are big, but you need to be committed. Families who do this can buy hundreds of dollars worth of goods with coupons for just pennies on the dollar.

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