Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WAHM advice

For many mothers especially those who have young children working at home, is a blessing in disguise. It allows them to earn an income, but still be able to spend quality time, raising their children. For those mothers who have been laid off due to the global recession it is a great way to be able to handle all the fiscal, educational and family needs.

Types of work at home jobs

There are many opportunities on the internet for work at home moms. They range from customer service and support, technical support, order processing, blog or article writing, proofreading and editing documents, translating documents, transcription, web research, internet marketing, sales, data entry email response handling, business services, multimedia jobs, programming jobs, web and software development. The list goes on and anything an employer would have done in a traditional brick and mortar office; a work at home mom, with the right technologies can accomplish them at home.

There are a few considerations and distractions that can occur at home. These are things that can interfere with the quality of work. Things like disturbances from the children, television or the temptation to not prioritize work tasks over things that you have to do at home. If working at home is to be a successful venture, then it will require organization, discipline and consistency. There are practices that you can put in place so that you can get your daily job done and still have a separate time to do the mom stuff.

Things to do to organize your time

First, get organize; this requires that you make a list or schedule and execute it. There is no manager standing over you and micromanaging everything that you do at home; ensuring that you do your work. So, you have to do this yourself. You will need a timer. Your schedule should have designated work hours and once the timer goes off everyone, including the children, will be aware of what comes next. Because, they know when you finish working, they will be respectful of your work time and space.

Many young children have nap times so use this time to get some tasks done for work. Older children might have TV time, or homework time; these times should also be taken advantage of by a work at home mom. The other parent, who is the dad, can have scheduled times when he takes the kids of your hand and this will give you another time slated to work. In order to accomplish this transition smoothly, the list should be printed and placed in your working area and also in the common family area, like the kitchen on the fridge. This way everyone is aware of what is on the schedule.

Use written communication vs. telephone calls

If you are in a living situation where there is a lot of noise then you need to be creative in how you communicate with your clients or employers. That means using written or text mediums to communicate. That means using email, instant messengers or Skype. If you must have telephone conversations or video chats; you should do this when the children are having a nap, your spouse has them or they are doing their homework. Ensure you communicate the importance of them being quiet. If you happen to be disturbed, simply reschedule the call for another time. Things happen!

What to do when you have too much to do

This is often a common problem. These solutions can be simple so do not be overwhelmed. First thing to consider is hiring additional help. You have several avenues to explore; that includes friends, family or online assistance. You might also look into getting a nanny for those more hectic summer and holiday school break periods. If you are limited on funds then enquiring of other work at home moms how they manage this issue. You will surely get some insight from them. If they are close neighbors, you could babysit for each other. You can discuss these time management problems with your husband and have him assistance you more on the weekends or after work.

There are many chores at home that need to be done by a work at home mom. This includes ironing, cooking, laundry, doctors’ appointments, taking the kids to school and many more. All this will require great time saving strategies. Do your laundry early in the morning or late at night throughout the week. You can do one load at a time. For cooking, slow cookers or baking meals will be very beneficial. You can scout the internet for either quick meals or healthy meals that can be prepared using a slow cooker. In terms of cleaning, do one room a day; you will notice that the job gets done and is more manageable.

Work at home moms do not have to be overwhelmed and stressed about how to manage their time, work and children. The tips above will help you transition more smoothly and be more efficient.



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