Sunday, November 20, 2011

Work at home moms are super social moms

The internet holds a wealth of possibilities for people who need various ways of earning money. The various businesses that are online are very much the same as those in the typical world. More and more people are venturing to online jobs because of the effects of the recession. This includes businesses cutting staff, outsourcing more of their tasks and basically a lack of jobs on the market. Surprisingly, the internet, if you know how to be technology and business savvy, doesn’t seem to be affected so much by the fiscal difficulties.

More women are exploring jobs online especially work at home moms. They have the chance to do internet marketing and administrative jobs like data entry, handling emails and placing or receiving calls for their clients. Women are also venturing into social networking and online selling. These are very popular areas for everyone. Platforms like twitter and Facebook are the two main internet marketing mediums that businesses would like their goods and services advertised. They pay a lot of money to get millions of likes on their Facebook page from people who are genuinely interested in their services. Twitter has millions of people has well and it is far easier to reference businesses and services there as well.

In terms of selling online, this probably a better option for many women. People view the internet as a resource where they can get goods cheaper. That is why websites like eBay and have millions of people who shop there every day. Though you have to compete with other merchants or sellers online, there are still many great benefits to online selling. Firstly, your possible client base is in the millions. The internet has wiped away and geographical boundaries. You can use the postal service and couriers to ship the products that you sell to your customers. Also, you can simply be a broker or middle man. Buying goods from cheaper sources and routing it to your customers at a profit. Though the times are difficult, work at home moms have many job opportunities open to them on the internet.


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  2. If you are computer savvy there are DEFINITELY many opportunities across the board for telecommuting. You just have to be very diligent because there are so many scams out there.

    I am in direct sales and do very well, but if I wasn't computer savvy, I don't think I would be where I am today!

    Suzanne Holt


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