Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Affordable yet Memorable Christmas

Making a memorable Christmas doesn’t have to be lavish. Here are some things I have done lately in preparation for Christmas.

Bargain Hunting

This Christmas, buying in exclusive boutiques or department stores for clothes and gifts are not wise. Giving gifts to everyone special to you doesn’t have to be expensive and let you wonder where you have spent your 13th month pay or savings. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be empty after the holiday season. As I always believe, we should save in time for rainy seasons.
There are bargain stores or tiange that offers affordable yet high quality crafts and clothing. You just have to pick the right choice and what’s perfect for everyone. There might also some promo or sale you can take advantage  before gift giving.  I started bargain hunting since October and November. Items are cheaper during these months.

Preparing for a vacation

This Christmas we are planning to take some trips. I have started checking to some affordable hotels with great amenities we all could enjoy. I also booked a flight for three as early as June. I saved more than 50% on this. There are hotels or tours that offer “early bird promo”. You can take advantage on this. Planning early is wiser than rushing on things.

Group buying

This is one thing I have discovered lately. You can research online or ask your friends about group buying. Internet offers numerous group buying sites that you can join to. You might want to have a massage or facial, to unwind or to go to parlor to look good before your Christmas party. Group buys can help you save up to 50 or 70% depending on the product.

Consider these tips, I’m sure you’ll not only save much but you’ll have a memorable Christmas too.

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