Monday, December 12, 2011

Celebrating Empowered Women

The flourishing of home-based jobs and online business makes me amazed as to how women are working today. Momprenenuers and work at home moms are the most adaptable individuals of all. We are women who endeavor anything that could produce us with extra profit or big time, legal jobs of course. Many are running numerous business, home-based jobs while raising the family. They say women are more adaptive and can do multi-task in which I strongly agree. Women in our age are more empowered and more ambitious.
Gone are those times when a woman stays at home to mainly take care of the children and household. Well, our life as mompreneurs and WAHM’s are more complex. It’s hard at times but looking at everything that you can do and have done for your family and for self-fulfillment is worth it.

While being a WAHM or running a business and raising your children are worth it, it is not an easy pace. It takes a lot of time management, sacrifices and wit. Our children are the priority and our business is secondary.  Knowing our priority is the key to be able to do it all. I am amazed with women I meet online and personally who are so empowered in these ventures. Some are bloggers, online sellers, virtual assistants, social networkers, etc. They utilize what the internet could provide to human being. This innovation created most WAHM’s nowadays, I am one of them.

If you are going to search online, you will see millions of empowered and aspiring WAHM’s, momprenuers, mom bloggers etc . Doing what it takes to be a star on their own simply ways. You will be amazed to know how happy and satisfying our lives. Mixing our WAHM business and family life are two different things. Life is a climb but the view is great!


  1. Nice post about empowering women. I hope that women will find their rightful position in our society.

  2. We already did! Look around your work place and in your home. Women are empowered and always will be :). Thanks for the comment....

  3. I suggest adding a "google+" button for the blog!


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