Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Secrets of my Online Selling Business

Although I don’t have much work to do today on my projects via I am still motivated because I got a lot of orders from my online store, I sell different baby products online. The market is great because every moms particularly first time moms are so eager and excited to shop for their little ones. Multiplyis a social shopping destination for every online shoppers worldwide.

This is a very interesting site because you can create your group, invite potential target buyers, upload as many photos as you like and more.

Other than multiply I also use other free ad portals like craigslist, eBay, and social networking sites like Facebook. I get orders everyday which is a great thing because it adds big portion to my daily income.

Order of the day!

My online selling business started out as a hobby. Then when I was able to discover its potential that I can earn much just by online selling, I started to outsource to different suppliers and researched on other items I can order wholesale deal. One of these sites I use to buy wholesale is Most items are made in China. You can choose from housewares, electronic gadgets, clothing, accessories and more. Now, selling has become my passion not to mention a profitable income.

Our technology contributes drastically on how we shop. When you don’t have time to go out because of your responsibilities from work or home, all you just need is your laptop and internet connection. The moment you opened your eyes to this possibility, options are everywhere.

If you are a work at home mom like me and would like to add more income to your household, other than being a VA, writer, paid blogger, online selling is also a very rewarding opportunity.

Few things I learned and continuously doing to keep up and make more sales on my online selling business.

  1. Provide great customer service.  Insert the best contact number or email they can reach you if they have any questions. Answering their questions with a smile and a friendly tone can deliver more sales and returning customers.

  2. Honesty is the best policy. In business, honesty creates credibility and trust. Online shopping can be scary to some. Obviously we know why. But once a customer tried your service and happy with it, you will definitely get either a referral or a repeat buy.

  3. Proper presentation. Since your target customers do not see your product personally, it is wise to include photos and detailed description.

  4. Socialize. Take advantage of the flourishing of social networking sites. Connect and add your target to your network. However, there are also policies you need to consider. Be aware not to be blocked or removed from these sites.

  5. Be flexible. Regardless of how busy you are take time to answer inquiries or calls. Internet offers millions of buyers and so with competition. The moment a customer messaged you, consider yourself lucky.

Online selling can be a win-win situation. It can be a very successful venture too if you know what you are doing. Research! Know what to sell, look for affordable supplies, and most importantly optimize your online store to reach your target market. If you are already in this business, I would love to hear your ideas and experiences too. Feel free to leave a comment J


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