Sunday, December 18, 2011

Writing Blogs

Do you work home based and still looking for more source of income? Are you planning to work at home while you are taking care of your children? Are you good at writing blogs?
One of the ways to earn is through blogging. There are a lot of people who are good at playing their words and putting it into a nice article or story. If you consider yourself as one, then writing blogs can be your one way source of income.

Finding Opportunities
-          Search Engine – Google is one example that offers millions of searches when it comes to work opportunities. Type your keywords and there you go!
-          Writing Companies – There are companies who are looking for writers. They hire writers for their clients. You can check in your local areas or research online to determine which one suit you best.
-          Paid Blog Articles – One example that I have recently found is the You can register as a blogger; submit your bid to write for a review of blog.
-          Job Databases – There are hundreds of online recruitment companies that you can join. and are the two examples. You create a portfolio and your detailed resume so that employers can determine if you fit to their qualifications.

Writing online can offer you great income if you know how to utilize all your means and can manage your time as a WAHM and a mom.

-          You can work anywhere – Since this is online, you can write blog anywhere in your house or even at the school while waiting for your child to come out.
-          You can earn well. Sky is the limit.
-          Flexibility. You can work anytime, anywhere at your own pace.
-          It is easy.

-          It takes some time to get used to it.
-          You are always in front of the computer.
-          No byline – which means you write under someone else’s name.
-          Paid blog articles are less stable.
To get started all you need is your own computer and a fast internet connection. Because when you write reviews for example, thorough research is also needed to come up with a desirable content.


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