Friday, January 13, 2012

A New Hope For a WAHM

Another year passed. Is there any changes or plans for you this 2012?

I can't imagine how blessed I was for the past year. I was given a lot of online projects mostly VA positions which allowed me to be more productive and learned new skills and ideas such as SEO, website building, blogging, and other admin stuffs. My online business which I have started last year was also a huge success.

I have plans I hope to accomplish for the new year.  One of this is to have my own boutique for my baby products. This way, I can sell not just online but to everyone who wants to visit and choose products for their kids personally. I would really hope that God would allow me to do this and to have a resources this year.

This is a very exciting month for my family as well since our new home will be built soon. A new home, a new hope, a new venture, and finally and new place where we will create happy memories.

I read one blog and it says on one of the lines, "it's not about the new year, it's about you!" It is true. Whatever it is that you have in mind or planning to do, do not be afraid. Get inspirations from people you love, love what you do, and never lose hope.


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