Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Okayokay.com: Best Deals You Shouldn't Miss!

For more exciting deals please visit www.okayokay.com
There are a lot of group buy sites here in the Philippines and one of them is okayokay.com. The name of the site was coined from the Filipino term ukayukay, where we can purchase clothes, bags, etc at a very affordable price. With okayokay.com, you will also see a number of great items with big discounts.

They also have this Okash which serves as okayokay’s online money. You can earn it by simply referring their online deals and when someone purchases it you earn Okash. This program is quite different from other group buy site which is probably the reason why many people prefer okayokay than its competitors.

Purchasing items from this group buy site is as easy as ABC. Once you found the best deals, you can already sign up for free. Their site is user friendly so you do not have to worry about getting lost in the process. If in case you are confused on how to use or navigate the site, you can always check their FAQ corner which is very comprehensive. In case you have trouble with your purchase they can be easily reached by sending an email to help@okayokay.com and they will respond to you the soonest possible time.

One of the best deals they are currently offering is the 68% off 4 piece set of Angry BirdsGrassheads. The set includes 4 different designs that kids will surely adore. This is a great way to let your kids enjoy gardening. Who knows, you might discover that your kid has a green thumb. To get more discounts, be sure to check out this group buy site everyday. Never be the last to know. By buying items from okayokay.com, you not only get huge discounts but also the ease of shopping at home.


  1. It's hard to go with the less is more approach but definitely a smarter thing to do.


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