T-Shirts are universal and have consistently been ranked as the most popular fashion item around the globe. The Christian T-shirts industry is no exception. In fact, you may not know that it’s a $2 billion a year industry. So, there is enormous demand for faith apparel.

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But, unlike mainstream niches, the religious apparel niche is not over-saturated and have a lot of room for growth. This makes it the perfect opportunity for WAHM. Many companies even offer dropshipping programs whereby, they will ship the products for you and handle all of the payment in house. In exchange, they’ll share 50% of the profits with you. All you have to do is market your site. What could be easier?

Bible verse Christian t-shirts are a good way to make a fashion statement as well as a faith statement. You are saying something without saying a word. In fact, it’s been proven that parody Christian t-shirts designs are more effective than tradition evangelism.

Selling Jesus T-shirts designs for WAHM is ideal because they are great gifts for family, friends and even work acquaintences. They’re especially popular for special days like anniversaries, birthdays and graduations. Christian gifts are not just limited to t-shirts, many of the big Christian clothing companies also offer a variety of other items with Christian messages such as cups, keychains, cellphone covers and unique artwork. Regardless of the gift, the message remains the same and that’s what’s most important.

So, as you can see, Christian tee shirts by mail for women and men are the perfect business opportunity for work at home moms like yourself.